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Room Parent Information

General Responsibilities of a Room Parent:  

  • Help build friendly relations among parents from your classroom and grade level.

  • Work effectively with the classroom teacher(s).

  • Encourage teacher(s) and parents to develop a “team effort” to foster communications and cooperation between home and school.

  • Interpret and promote the work of PTA within the school and the community. Be enthusiastic, and demonstrate to parents and teachers that PTA involvement creates excitement and a sense of accomplishment for everyone.

  • Make an appointment to meet with the classroom teacher(s) to become acquainted and to offer assistance, if needed, with classroom projects, field trips, celebrations, etc.

  • Attempt to contact the parents of all students in the classroom(s), in person, by phone or by e-mail. Personal contact is vital in helping parents become involved and in making them feel welcome.

  • Encourage parents to participate in their child’s classroom, using the avenues that the teacher has deemed best. Support their interest in becoming involved and give ideas of what they can do to help their child’s classroom.


Specific Room Parent Responsibilities:

  • Liaison between teacher and parents to share areas of need within the classroom

  • Requesting needed supplies for classroom from families (no pressure approach)

  • Holiday parties or celebrations - help organize 2 parties/ year

  • Soliciting items for silent auction from families and putting the basket together in the Spring

  • Coordinate communications around Teacher Appreciation Week (Week of May 7, 2018)

  • Coordinate classroom volunteers/chaperones for field trips, based on the teacher’s needs

  • CoordinateEnd of year teacher gifts. Use the Teacher Survey to find out her/his favorites.  

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