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Brought to you by The Camelot Acceptance Team

We are excited to welcome back our “Acceptance Celebration Month” at Camelot Elementary School during the month of February. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share so much important information about Acceptance in our school.  We hope to reach each student by providing four one-week themes full of messages and activities to help them fully embrace the meaning of acceptance.


What are the weekly themes? 

Week 1: February 3-7, Understanding Acceptance

Week 2: February 10-14, Anti-Bullying

Week 3: February 17-21, Disability Awareness

Week 4: February 24-28 , Celebrating Our Diversity


What will take place in school? 

We will kick off each week on Monday morning with a 5-minute presentation focused on celebrating the “theme” following the morning news. We present teachers and staff Acceptance Celebration Month Toolkits one week before each theme begins. This gives the teachers information to lead additional discussion and activities in the classrooms and reinforce the messages throughout the week. Each Friday, Camelot students and staff will be invited to wear different colors or items to support our various themes.  


What is our Mission?

Acceptance Celebration Month is organized and facilitated by The Camelot Acceptance Team.  This team is made up of over 20 members with school administrators, teachers, counselors, speech therapists and PTA parents. Our mission is “to promote the acceptance of all students at Camelot, teach and give students the tools and knowledge they need to fully accept one another, and to encourage and show students how to be a friend to anyone and everyone, in all walks of life, both in and out of school.”

Camelot's Playground Buddy Bench

Helpful Information & Documents

Teacher Toolkits (all documents in 1 pdf file)

Upcoming Events

  • February 21st: Walk In My Shoes (Flyer Coming Soon)

  • March 6th: International Night (Flyer Coming Soon)

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