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Camelot Fun Run- 2024   
RAIN DATE: Tuesday, MAY 21st

Put on your sneakers and grab your pledge forms, the Camelot Fun Run is back!  The children have already started training by running laps on the field during PE and we’re busy planning for a great day on our Tuesday May 21st rain date!

​What are the Goals of the Fun Run?

The Fun Run was created to increase fitness awareness and to raise funds needed to maintain and support PTA programs that benefit all Camelot students. This year our goal is raise $15,000 for the school.

What is the Fun Run?

The Fun Run is a PTA and school sponsored event that focuses on fitness and running to raise much needed funds for the school. Students train during their PE classes to get ready for the running event which will be held during school on May 10th. Leading up to the event, students will gather pledges from their friends and family for each lap the student completes during the 30 minute run.  All funds collected for the Fun Run go to support class field trips, teacher  and school facility needs. This year, part of the proceeds will go to ensuring that every student goes home with two free books from the Spring Book Fair. 


Pledges, Pledges, Pledges

This year we are using 99pledges, an online fundraising platform, to collect pledges. Go to the site and look up your child's first name and last initial to create a link to send to friends and family. This will allow you to help your child reach farther for pledges, and donors can use credit card and PayPal in addition to cash or check.


If you prefer to collect pledges on paper, pledge forms were sent home in the take home folders on April 18th. While we encourage your children to go door to door asking friends and neighbors for pledges, please do not allow them to go unsupervised.


After the Fun Run, students have until May 28th to inform donors how many laps they completed (for per lap pledges) and collect the money. For online pledges, it will automatically be calculated and charged after the event through the 99Pledges site. Cash or checks will be accepted in the pledge envelopes. Checks should be made out to Camelot PTA. 

Come join us!

Please join us for the event to cheer students on or even run with the kids!  You also can participate by helping share their pledge forms with friends, colleagues and family.


Tuesday, May 21st (RAIN DATE) 

9:30-10:15 Kindergarten

10:15-11:00 1st Grade

11:00-11:45 5th Grade

11:20-11:50 PreK (inside track)

11:45-12:30 6th Grade

1:15-2:00 3rd Grade

2:00-2:45 4th Grade

2:45-3:30 2nd Grade


You can help make the day a success! Sign up here to volunteer.

  • help with set up

  • hand out bands as students cross the superlap mark

  • hand out snacks and water

  • help with take down

Need more information? Contact our Committee Chair:

Ben Diliberto,



Thank you to our SPONSOr

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