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Treasurer Forms & Processes

Reimbursement Request

Submit a completed Reimbursement Request form plus your receipt(s) and submit to the PTA treasurer through PTA mailbox at school. You will receive your check in the mail. (NOTE: PLEASE do not combine personal purchases with PTA reimbursements) 

Cash Box Request

If you are in charge of an activity that needs to have  cash and change prepared, submit a Cash Box Request form to the treasurer at least one week in advance of the event. On the form, indicate the kind of change you need and the number of cash boxes you need. Cash boxes require a trip to the bank, so advance notice is essential. 


Check and Cash Log for Event or Fundraiser

If you are in charge of an activity that generates money, such as a fundraiser, you must verify the total amount being turned in and complete a Check and Cash Log form to accompany the deposit. The form and the money must be handed over to the PTO president, vice president or treasurer.


Check Request

In some cases, you might need a check in advance to pay a vendor, or you will have a bill that must be paid by the PTA. Complete a Check Request form and submit it to the PTA treasurer. Provide at least three days’ notice if you need a check. If this is a bill that needs to be paid, submit the bill along with the form, and the treasurer will mail it in. PTA checks must be signed by two officers, so a little advance warning is appreciated.


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