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Camelot FAMily Night

Friday March 22nd 6-8 pm

IN the school 


Family Night is an event to celebrate all Camelot Dragon families.  Here we can connect with each other, learn something new or share something cool or unique from our families. Our goal is to foster respectful curiosity and celebrate what makes all our families so different yet so similar in many ways.

There are three cultural themes to this event where we can appreciate the many things we enjoy, originating locally, from around the world or brought to us long ago by families just like yours.​

Food Culture: “A Taste of Camelot”

Discover new and familiar food or snacks in the cafeteria. Here our Camelot families and local businesses bring samples of their favorite, local or traditional foods for everyone to sample. Maybe you'll find a new recipe, snack, restaurant or store to add to your family favorites.

Art, History & Traditions:  “Our Family Stories”

In the library, learn about our families' traditions, local or native country history through stories and craft activities. Make something that that sparks your curiosity, then take some time to find out more by reading books that delve deeper into the history or tradition behind the craft.

Games & Music:   “Joy of Playing”

Play games and hear music in the gym. Here families share the things they do for fun, games, sports, celebrations and music that are special to them. Each activity is accompanied with some history or story behind the fun. And there will be prizes to add to your experience.


Volunteers Needed!!


Hey Camelot Dragon Families! We need your help for setup, running activities, cleanup, and food donations. 


Please signup here if you can. 

For any questions, please text or email :

Karen Lee  703-383-1703 (

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