PTA National Reflections Contest

2020-2021 Reflections contest theme: "I Matter Because...."

Thank you to those who participated in this year’s Camelot PTA Reflections contest by interpreting the theme “I Matter Because” through the arts.  Entries for “Outstanding Interpretation of Theme" in each category for each division have been submitted to the Fairfax county competition. (Stay tuned for county results announced in January.)



Our school competes in 3 grade divisions: PreK – 2nd Grade, 3rd – 5th Grade, 6th – 8th Grade, and a Special Artist Division (for special needs students who choose not to enter by grade division). All first place winners of each category and division will advance on to the County (District). A first place win in the County advances to the Northern Virginia competition. From there it goes to State and then National competitions.  

What is PTA Reflections?

Reflections is an arts program sponsored by the national PTA to give positive recognition to artistic efforts. Camelot ES students may enter one original work in one or more of the following categories: Visual arts (painting, drawing, collage, etc.), photography, music composition, literature, dance choreography, film production, plus a special artist category for students with special needs. See a video highlighting the program. 


Artworks interpret a different theme each year.  The PTA Reflections Theme for the 2020-2021 school year is “I Matter Because...”  Entries will be judged on interpretation of theme, creativity, and technique in each category.  Winners may go on to county, district, state and national competitions for awards. 


To Enter

BEFORE students begin creating their entry, please review the  Reflections Student Entry Form (English)(Spanish),  and rules/guidelines for each artist category of submission.  


Dance Choreography Rules –  English VersionSpanish Version
Film Production Rules –  English Version Spanish Version
Literature Rules –  English VersionSpanish Version
Music Composition Rules – English VersionSpanish Version
Photography Rules –  English VersionSpanish Version
Visual Arts Rules – English VersionSpanish Version
Special Artist Rules – English VersionSpanish Version


See  Entry Form Checklist for guidance on filling out the form.

Parent/Teacher Involvement

​Entries are to be the creative work and interpretation of the student only.   Generic questions can be provided to engage students to interpret the theme -- What does “I Matter Because..." mean to you? Who are you, what are you passionate about? What drives you or inspires you? When you look within your community, what matters to you?  How can your creative work represent how you see the yourself in the world and why your contribution to society counts?   Do you know how much you matter? Why you matter? What do you see when you look at yourself? What qualities can you share with others?  How can your creative work represent how you see yourself in the world and why your contribution to society counts?

Everybody matters and confidence in knowing why they matter is such an amazing quality to have in itself. This has been a tough year so far and it is a great time to reflect on why each of us matter. Students can show what they see when they look at why they matter through art.  You are not to interpret the theme for them, but you can encourage them to think about how their creative work, title of work, and artist statement reflects the theme.  You can also review entry forms to ensure they are complete.  

Submitting Work

This year entries must be submitted digitally by email to Entries are due October 13, 2020. Students can enter as many categories as they like, as long as each entry has its own separate entry form, completely filled out. One entry per division per category per student.   Entries must be the work of one student only; joint entries are not allowed. Please retain original copies of artwork as it may be requested if submission advances to State and National competitions.  


Digital File Requirements

Please use the following file naming instructions to ensure that we can match your student's entry to their art. Format: last name - first name - category.file extension.

For example: smith-jane-visual-arts.png   smith-nate-literature.pdf

  • Dance Choreography: Maximum video length of 5 minutes and file size of 1 GB. Must be in AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, or MP4 format.

  • Film Production: Maximum video length of 5 minutes and file size of 1 GB. Must be in AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, or MP4 format. 

  • Literature: Maximum of 2,000 words within single-size paper. Must be in PDF format.

  • Music Composition: Maximum audio recording length of 5 minutes and file size of 1 GB. Must be in MP3, WMA, WAV, ACC, or FLAC format. (Notation - score/tablature in PDF format - applicable for middle school division [6th grade]).

  • Photography: Submission must be at least 640 x 960 pixels and 300 dpi resolution. Must be in JPEG, JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

  • Visual Arts: Submission must be at least 640 x 960 pixels and 300 dpi resolution. Must be in either JPEG, JPG, GIF, or PNG format. One photo should be submitted for 2-D art. 3 photos (from different angles) should be submitted for 3-D art.

  • Special Artist: See the digital submission requirements by type of art above.

Prior Year Results

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NOVA’s US Winners 2019-20

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If you have any questions, please contact Christine Tivel, our Reflections Chairperson. 





A shout out to each of the following students for their creative submissions in Visual Arts, Literature, and Film:


Intermediate (3rd-5th grade)

Visual Arts

Morgan Lee (Outstanding Interpretation of Theme )


Keira Conley  (Outstanding Interpretation of Theme )


Middle School (6th grade)

Visual Arts

Minh (Alex) Nguyen (Outstanding Interpretation of Theme )



Natalie Stebbins (Outstanding Interpretation of Theme)

Jake Themely (Award of Excellence)